International telecom operator Vodafone has rented one of the best high street locations in Unirii Square, located at 1 Splaiul Independentei, opposite to Hanul lui Manuc and the entrance to the Old Town.

ACTIV Property Services has provided tenant representation for the lease of the 100 sq m high street unit, a further continuation of the excellent partnership with Vodafone that included consultancy for the opening of 75 units and rental renegotiation for 50 units during the last two years. At the beginning of this year, ACTIV Property Services was also involved in the lease of two new offices for Vodafone in Pitesti and Craiova, to accommodate customer support services on more than 1,000 sq m.

Bucharest’s high street area is dominated by banks, pharmacies, mobile phone operators and services, casinos, fast-foods and proximity stores according to ACTIV’s last market report. Prime high street rents have average levels of 40-45 Euro/sq m/month on Magheru Boulevard and Calea Victoriei, with top values of 70-90 Euro/sq m/month at Romana Square.

Unirii Square has one of the highest footfall values in Bucharest, benefiting from the downtown location and being the largest public transport hub in the Capital. The location of the new Vodafone’s unit is expected to generate above-average sales, with the mobile phone’s services being well-demanded by the area’s profile. The new Vodafone shop was let by Mei fashion store until the last year.

„Unirii Square is under a steady development, attracting new international and local retailers. Our expectations is that in the years to come the rental levels have potential to record an upward trend. The location of the new Vodafone shop is one of the top, with the high levels of pedestrian / car traffic to provide a large number of potential customers." says Valentin Manu, Head of Retail at ACTIV Property Services.