The local medical clinic Medici's has rented a total area of ​​840 sq m on the 1st floor of the Timco building in Timisoara, owned by Bega Group, with the perspective to extend the rented space up to 1,000 sq m. The transaction been assisted by the real-estate consultant Activ Property Services.

The clinic is located near the Central business district of ​​Timisoara developed around the 700 Square, at the limit of the historical center. The building benefits from a prominent location within one of the most important junctions in the city, extensively developed retail wise, including retailers such as Carrefour, Penny Market, DM and Kaufland, as well as the presence of the major pharmacies chains: SensiBlu, Catena and HelpNet.

The Timco building hosted Nokia offices until recently and has become available for rent after Nokia relocated in its new 27,000 sq m campus at Bega Business Park, a transaction also advised by Activ Property Services. The ground floor of the building hosts a DM drugstore.

The new Medici's Academica clinic is situated in the very city center of ​​Timisoara, being positioned at the crossroads of the major boulevards, and considering the professional quality and the reputation of the doctors who will work in the new location, its services are addressed to about 50,000 assured customers of Allianz, Asirom and Signal iDuna, as well as population of the entire city.

The Medici’s Clinic will benefit from the advantages of the area, addressing both riverside residents as well as approximately 7,000 employees working within the office buildings nearby, additional space being available in case an extension is required.", says Felicia Vasiu, the Timisoara office manager of Activ Property Services.