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The most common inquiries clients have about renting office spaces

Those interested in renting office space typically come prepared with a list of questions for the property owner or real estate broker assisting them in finding the right location. Renting an office is a crucial decision, and careful preparation of questions is essential to making the correct choice. To support property owners, real estate brokers, or consultancy agencies facilitating these transactions, below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions and potential answers that could aid in the office space rental process.

Questions About the Type of Office Space

Is this a serviced office? Yes, the space we offer is a fully serviced office, including all basic necessities for commitment-free work.

Is there a separate office or is it a coworking space? We offer both options. Separate offices are available for tenants needing privacy and dedicated space. Additionally, we provide coworking spaces where you can work in a shared, flexible, and inspiring environment.

Do you offer management services or virtual assistance? Yes, we provide various management services and virtual assistance, including local assistants to support your day-to-day activities.

Can I expand or downsize my space if my needs change? Yes, we have the flexibility to adjust the space according to your business needs as they evolve.

Who is the owner? The property owner is well-established, and we can provide references to verify its quality.

Do you offer registered address and postal services? Yes, we offer registered addresses and postal services tailored to each tenant's needs.

Questions About Rental Costs

What is included in the lease agreement? The lease agreement includes utilities, office furniture, and other essential services. Details may vary depending on the chosen package.

Are there additional fees? Yes, there are charges for additional services such as parking, telecommunications, and other facilities, which are transparently set in advance.

Does the rent increase annually? In some cases, rent may increase annually, but these details are clearly specified in the contract.

Do you offer discounts? Discounts may be available depending on circumstances and the duration of the contract. These aspects can be discussed to reach a favorable agreement.

What are the monthly costs for offices in that city? Monthly costs include rent, parking, maintenance fees, and utilities, tailored to each specific case.

What initial costs are involved in renting an office? Upon signing the contract, the tenant is required to pay a deposit and the first month's rent and maintenance fees in advance.

Questions About the Lease Agreement

How quickly can I occupy the space? The process may take a few days to complete necessary formalities such as signing the contract and routine checks.

Do I need a lawyer or real estate consultant? Typically, a standard contract is provided, but you are free to bring a lawyer to ensure transparency.

What happens if my situation changes and I need to terminate the office? Termination clauses are included in the contract, and flexibility is possible, subject to finding a replacement.

Do I need to pay damages at the end of the lease term? Yes, damages or necessary alterations are discussed in the contract and clearly established.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? Maintenance and repairs are regulated in the contract, with clearly defined responsibilities for each party.

Questions About Facilities Provided Upon Rental

What type of security is provided, and is it included in the lease agreement? We offer security services, including guards, which are included in the lease agreement.

Is parking available? We have parking spaces available for tenants, with varying monthly rates depending on location and type of parking.


These questions and answers can provide a solid foundation for initial discussions with potential tenants. For more detailed information, we invite you to visit our office space website, where you can find all the necessary details about our rental and sales offerings.

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