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Spaces for rent and for sale for companies in development or reorganization. Offers in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Brasov, Constanta, Sibiu, Oradea or other cities.

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The Largest Offer of Modern Spaces for Your Business


✅ We help you develop your business anywhere in Romania.


✅ We adapt the area and rental conditions to your needs.


✅ We provide you with all the technical and commercial support for a quick transaction completion.


Office Spaces


Develop your business in any city in Romania.


✔️ We help you quickly rent or buy office spaces in modern buildings.


✔️ Choose from over 550 offers nationwide and over 450 in Bucharest.


Industrial Spaces


Develop your production, distribution, or logistics business with us!


✔️ We help you quickly rent or buy modern industrial warehouses, with TIR access and ISU approval.


✔️ Choose from over 350 offers nationwide and over 150 in Bucharest.


Commercial Spaces


Open a new store or showroom anywhere in Romania!


✔️ We help you quickly rent or buy commercial spaces with high foot traffic.


✔️ We have experience in developing store networks in any city in the country.

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Residential Valuation


Certified A.N.E.V.A.R. specialists, we help you in the credit process!


✔️ We prepare valuation reports for obtaining real estate loans.


✔️ We are accepted by Romanian banks and cover all localities in Romania.


Commercial and Industrial Valuations


We support your business with all banks in Romania!


✔️ We prepare valuation reports for offices, industrial, commercial properties, or land.


✔️ We are accepted by Romanian banks and cover all localities in Romania.

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Mobile Assets Valuations


We assist you with securing loans for mobile assets!


✔️ We quickly prepare valuation reports for equipment, installations, machinery, etc.


✔️ We are accepted by Romanian banks and cover all localities in Romania.

Why Activ Property Services?


Because we can help you just as we have helped over the past 10 years:


❇️ Over 250 Romanian or foreign companies to lease modern office spaces


❇️ Over 70 companies in production, logistics, and storage sectors to lease industrial spaces


❇️ Over 50 retailers or distributors to lease commercial spaces or showrooms


❇️ Over 1,100 companies or individuals with valuation reports for guarantees or taxes


All our offers are presented transparently and are regularly updated.

Dedicated Bidding Platforms

for office, industrial, and commercial spaces

Exact Building Location (address, real-time positioning on the map)

Real Photos of the Buildings (exterior, access and surroundings, interior)

Detailed Description of the Buildings (features, functions, specifications)

Floor Plan of the Current Floor

Tehnologie mobile friendly

Periodically Updated Information

Offer Comparison Tool

Here's what some of our clients say

Slevoaca & Associates Law Firm

Paul Babuș

"Finding the ideal office was not an easy task at all. However, after several viewings, we had the chance to work with Activ Property Services, which made the whole process much easier.

The Activ Property Services team was always by our side, answered all our questions, and provided transparency and trust throughout this process."

Verified Tech

Mircea Chercheață

"I am delighted to recommend Ana Dărăbăneanu, a real estate agent from Activ Property Services, to anyone looking for an ideal workspace for their team.

My team and I were searching for a new office that would reflect our company culture and support our ever-changing needs. Ana listened carefully to our requirements and demonstrated a deep understanding of the office market in Bucharest.

Thanks to her expertise, she managed to identify a variety of spaces that met our criteria, saving us time. Her involvement didn't stop at just identifying suitable spaces.

Ana provided constant support throughout the negotiation and contract signing process.

Due to her professionalism and ability to guide us in the search for a new office space, the transition was quick and stress-free."

Activ Property Services

Activ Property Services

Activ Property Services

Activ Property Services

Activ Property Services

Activ Property Services


Our Partners

For employee recruitment services, we collaborate with Morgan Sol SRL.

For presentations, brochures, and graphic design, we collaborate with Activ Document Center.