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Office Space for Rent, Romania

Office spaces for rent in modern buildings in all major cities in Romania, including Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Constanta, Brasov, Iasi, Craiova, and Oradea.

Office spaces for rent in modern buildings with all maintenance services provided by owners or property management companies.

Spaces for rent in over 550 office buildings across all major cities.


Office Rental, Bucharest

If you are looking for a larger office space or if you want to consolidate all your office spaces in Bucharest into one, you can find a portfolio of over 400 offers on our website.


Office Rental, Timișoara

We have an updated portfolio of over 25 offices for rent in Timișoara, all presented offers are fully furnished office spaces served by specialized technical maintenance services.


Office Rental, Cluj-Napoca

The office spaces available for rent in Cluj-Napoca include over 30 modern office buildings, with a total stock exceeding 275,000 square meters.


Office Rental, Brașov

Office spaces for rent in Brașov are available in the central area as well as in the new semi-central business zones in the South and North of the city.


Office Rental, Oradea

Office spaces for rent in Oradea are available in the central area of the city in modern office buildings, with professional management, security, and technical maintenance services.


Office Rental, Other Cities

Office spaces for rent in other cities or in adjacent areas to cities are located in modern office buildings easily accessible and served by public transportation.

Why Activ Property Services?


Because we can help you just as we have helped over the past 10 years:


❇️ Over 250 Romanian or foreign companies to lease modern office spaces


❇️ Over 70 companies in production, logistics, and storage sectors to lease industrial spaces


❇️ Over 50 retailers or distributors to lease commercial spaces or showrooms


❇️ Over 1,100 companies or individuals with valuation reports for guarantees or taxes


All our offers are presented transparently and are regularly updated.

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