Real Estate and Equipment Valuations

We provide quick evaluations of real estate and movable property.

Do you need a quick evaluation recognized by all banks in Romania? We prepare the evaluation report according to ANEVAR standards required by your financer.


✅ We help you submit a correct evaluation to ANAF for taxation!


✅ Guaranteeing or refinancing will be easier with evaluation reports prepared by our specialists.

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Residential Evaluations

Get an accurate evaluation report that meets bank requirements!


✔️ We help you expedite obtaining financing or refinancing with accurate evaluation reports.


✔️ Our evaluation reports have a "0" rejection rate.


Office Building Evaluations

Your company needs an accurate value of its most valuable asset!


✔️ Romanian banks require complex evaluation reports for office buildings.


✔️ Our ANEVAR certified evaluators support you in the processes of guaranteeing or refinancing


Industrial Building Evaluation

Your company needs an accurate value for the development of your production or storage space!


✔️ Romanian banks require complex evaluation reports for industrial halls.


✔️ Our ANEVAR certified evaluators support you in the processes of guaranteeing or refinancing.


Commercial Space Evaluations

Each commercial space in your network is valuable!

Determine the value accurately!


✔️ We help you see the value of your space beyond the construction value.


✔️ Our ANEVAR certified evaluators are supported by our brokers to determine the correct market value.


Land Evaluations

We understand land and can explain it to you!


✔️ We help you understand the Highest and Best Use of your land!


✔️ We determine the market value through multiple methods to explore all the strengths of your land.

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Movable Property Evaluations

We help you secure loans for movable property!


✔️ We quickly prepare evaluation reports for equipment, installations, machinery, etc.


✔️ We are accepted by Romanian banks and cover all localities in Romania.

Why Activ Property Services?


Because we can help you just as we have helped over the past 10 years:


❇️ Over 250 Romanian or foreign companies to lease modern office spaces


❇️ Over 70 companies in production, logistics, and storage sectors to lease industrial spaces


❇️ Over 50 retailers or distributors to lease commercial spaces or showrooms


❇️ Over 1,100 companies or individuals with valuation reports for guarantees or taxes


All our offers are presented transparently and are regularly updated.

Dedicated Bidding Platforms

for office, industrial, and commercial spaces

Exact Building Location (address, real-time positioning on the map)

Real Photos of the Buildings (exterior, access and surroundings, interior)

Detailed Description of the Buildings (features, functions, specifications)

Floor Plan of the Current Floor

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Periodically Updated Information

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