Our office agency has a long track record in providing professional tenant representation (Ericsson, DuPont, Discovery, Lego, Quintiles, etc.) and landlord representation services (North Gate-Bucharest, Centrul de Afaceri Sibiu, etc.).

Our successes in the recent years include leasing office premises to Renault (35,000 sqm), BCR (6,000 sqm), Nokia (3,200 sqm) Ericsson (3,300 sqm), Honeywell (2,900 sqm), McCann Ericson (3,000 sqm), Ford (1,000 sqm), Unilever (2,500 sqm), Quintiles (800 sqm), NCH (700 sqm).

Our services include:

  • Landlord representation
  • Tenant representation
  • General consultancy
  • Lease re-negotiation
  • “Move or Stay” analysis
  • Market research.

During the last 2 years we have provided tenant representation for major international companies such as Unilever, Mondelez, Kellogg, Vodafone, 3M, Ericsson, Thomson Reuters, AMEC etc, while representing landlords in deals signed with Microsoft, Continental, NOKIA (Alcatel Lucent), ZTE, Accesa, Linde Gaz etc.

Our offer includes A-class office space and B-class office space as part of the representative new office buildings in Romania and renewed historical buildings converted into office space https://www.spatii-de-birouri.ro/en/offices