We are one of top companies in Romania providing real-estate valuation services, being one of the main valuation consultants for private investors and investment funds, banks and REIT's companies, institutional funds and insurance companies.

We provide valuation services and reports for loan security, tax use and in-house use, according to our clients’ needs and in accordance with the international valuation standards, ANEVAR and RICS.

Our team provides extended valuation services for real-estate properties, including:

  • Valuations for financing or loan security
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Valuations for acquisitions or sales
  • ERVs and leasehold valuations
  • Regular valuations - annual or quarterly updates
  • Valuations for accounts IFRS updates • Valuation for tax uses
  • Valuations for development projects
  • Market and Best Use studies

More details about valuations services can be found on our website https://www.evaluari-proprietati-romania.ro/en/valuations-services