ACTIV Property Services mediated the lease of a retail space with an area of 1236 sqm to Kalenda, in Tudor Center Retail Park, in Târgu Mureș. Kalenda is a Romanian network of furniture shops, with stores in Târgu Mureș, Turda, Suceava and Cluj Napoca.

Tudor Center Retail Park in Târgu Mureș has an area of 8266 sqm, and with the completion of this transaction, it is now leased in its entirety. The main tenants of the park are Penny Market, Pepco, Kava Store, JYSK and Kalenda.

The owner of Tudor Center is Portico Investments România, whose overall portfolio in Romania, amounting 21 locations, has been managed by ACTIV Property Services since as early as 2008. In addition to property management activities, our company has provided Portico with lease agency services in Oradea, Mediaș, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Tulcea, the space in Târgu Mureș being the second location for which ACTIV Property Services has provided agency services in this city, after the PEPCO transaction last year.

“We have been managing Portico properties for over 8 years, and this month we renewed the property management agreement for the next 3 years. Târgu Mureș property is located in the biggest neighborhood in the city, Tudor Center meeting diverse consumption needs of many residences located in the proximity of the center. With the mediation of the lease to Kalenda, we reached a total area of over 4000 sqm leased for Portico throughout the country.” stated Silviu Ionici, Head of Property & Asset Management at ACTIV Property Services.


ACTIV Property Services is one of the main real estate consultancy companies in Romania, operating nationwide since as early as its establishment in 1993. The company headquarters is in Bucharest and it also has two regional offices in Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca.
In the past 24 years we built a reputation as experts in retail agency and also in property management activities for retail parks, shopping centers, office buildings and industrial spaces, with a portfolio of 500000 sqm managed in the past 10 years.

With single and multitenant units in Romania and Hungary, PORTICO INVESTMENTS undergoing continuous development and currently owning an area of over 100000 sqm, is an important real estate developer and promoter in Central and Eastern Europe. The company focuses on real estate assets anchored in prime locations, which are integrated in long-lasting communities.